Caflisch Architects is an approachable, design based, smaller architectural practice located in Melbourne. We specialise in educational & residential work and are keen to assist our clients in all project types.

Since forming in 2000, Caflisch Architects has undertaken a diverse range of projects in urban and regional Victoria including residential, educational & commercial buildings for private, institutional & government clients. This is what is important to us:

  • Consultation – lots of it at every stage of the project
  • Discovering how our clients live & work and letting their stories shape our design
  • Providing multiple design options for client review – not single responses
  • Problem solving and the search for simple answers to complex problems
  • Working with our clients, consultants & builders, to test our designs and create better buildings. Design is always about collaboration
  • Not having a defined style. The form & aesthetic of each project develops organically from consultation, collaboration and an understanding of the site, all informed by our own design history
  • That our buildings are efficient in terms of energy, space and cost
  • Seeking sensitive, innovative, practical, affordable buildable solutions
  • Designing buildings to engage and delight with texture, colour, spatial variety and light
  • Being serious about our work but not taking ourselves too seriously

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