All our projects start with a chat. Please call or email us with your potential project and we can start a conversation to help you work out what to do next. We may not be the right fit for you so don’t worry about the hard sell. We always try and find a path that works for both of us.

Next step is to arrange a meeting, usually at the project site. Here we look to gain an understanding of the project requirements. We learn a bit about your lifestyle or business and discuss project opportunities & constraints, budgets, design options and timelines. This first consultation is usually free depending on location and duration.

After an initial consultation we will always provide a detailed fee proposal for you to review and approve before we proceed with any work.


Our fees are project dependent and can be calculated in a number of different ways. Some methods which we commonly use to calculate our fees are:

Lump Sum Fee
This fee is a fixed sum of money that covers the architect’s full services. It allows for minor variations to the project scope however any variations beyond an agreed +/- limit would trigger renegotiation of the fee.

Hourly Rates
This fee is based on pre-agreed hourly charge-out rates. The client pays the architect for however many hours worked.

Percentage fee
This fee is calculated as a percentage of the cost of construction works. Percentages are selected to suit the project size with the percentage rate reducing as the project increases in scale.

Hybrid Fee
This fee is a combination of the above methods applied to incremental tasks or project stages. The architectural fee is split into a series of discrete tasks, each usually charged as a lump sum fee or on hourly rates.

Our fee proposal will describe in detail the services we offer which may include:

  • Pre-Design/ Feasibility
  • Master Planning
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Contract Administration
  • Interior Design
  • Professional Opinion

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